There is no absence of good ideas in any organisation – there is only the need to create a fearless conversation.

Strategic planning, Facilitation and consultation, Leadership development and mentoring

RPR consultants bring an open and challenging approach to our work, creating processes where the people who know an organisation best can find their own way forward. We ask big questions and encourage research, inclusion and consultation to shake up thinking! We are not afraid of the robust dialogue that is sometimes needed to find clarity.

RPR works closely with groups who are already functioning well, assisting them to reach new levels of clarity and consensus. We also work in the most difficult, fraught and complex situations, confidently and courageously inviting people to listen to each other for new insights and solutions. In any scenario, our strength lies in the process of seeking effective solutions to each group’s challenges, galvanising action that lifts an organisation to a higher level of functioning and towards a dynamic and highly productive future.

Our three main areas of work are described more fully below.

Wherever we work, our goal is to be a catalyst for transformation—in the way organisations function and direct their work, and in how people live and work together—and also a trusted guide on the journey.

Strategic planning

At its best, strategic planning offers the opportunity for organisations, communities and groups to embark on a process of significant change. It creates space for analysis, reflection and vigorous dialogue that enable powerful breakthrough thinking and generate the collective resolve to move forward.

RPR works with organisations, groups and communities to bring the process of planning alive in this way. We ask organisations to work with us: in identifying central future questions; in analysing existing capabilities, challenges, known best practices and strongly held commitments; in encouraging deep listening and the exchange of ideas needed to unearth profound insights and enable courageous decisions; and, finally, in identifying the pivotal directions that are most important for the future of the organisation and its clients.

RPR does not utilise fixed methodologies or planning templates. Through our work, we come to understand the people, the issues, the points of contention and the desired outcomes of each unique community. We then suggest appropriate processes. Why not contact us to talk about your needs?

Facilitation and consultation

RPR has made facilitation and consultation the cornerstone of its work. It is our tool of trade, the basis for our success, and a principal reason why organisations approach us repeatedly for assistance whenever stakes are high and outcomes critical.

We approach each facilitation and consultation project afresh, using our years of experience, our knowledge of dialogue tools and approaches and our capacity to assess quickly the people and strategic issues at the heart of each project.

Our goal is always to promote the engaged, passionate and innovative exchange of views and ideas. This involves tackling issues honestly and openly, with confidence in the capacity of groups to find solutions; amplifying the voices of people who have been marginalised, embracing the intelligence of their thinking and the value of their contributions; drawing out areas of agreement and disagreement; and skillfully enabling results to be achieved from every conversation, every meeting. Why not contact us to talk about your needs?

Leadership development and mentoring

The challenges of today require new kinds of leaders: people who search out new answers, to tackle intractable problems; people who are adept at eliciting others’ thinking and ideas and at bringing people together; people who are emotionally intelligent as well as strategically intelligent; people who inspire with ideas and with their example.

In our leadership development and mentoring work, we understand that it is our job to bring out these qualities in current and future leaders. We ask incisive questions, listen actively to ignite thinking and problem solving, and, where required, offer insights and direction born of our years of experience working with a multiplicity of organisations and leaders. Why not contact us to talk about your needs?
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Ways we create powerful conversations

  • Creating a safe space and encouraging deep listening and the expression of divergent views
  • Utilising tailored, flexible processes which ignite thinking and surface new ideas
  • Modelling respectful communication and conveying confidence that outcomes will be achieved
  • Bringing extensive, objective knowledge and experience into the conversation
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