“The consultation meetings were crucial . . . to provide opportunities for Aboriginal artists and organisations to identify local and statewide areas of need and to assist discussion about practical ways that Arts NSW can improve its support.”

Mary Darwell

“Trust. People at all levels - board directors, senior managers, line staff, external stakeholders - respond to you positively and openly and engage in discussion/debate. This is extremely valuable when organisations need to have difficult conversations!”

Nigel Spence

CEO, ChildFund Australia
“Your facilitation style is extraordinarily inclusive and premised on what some counsellors might call ‘unconditional positive regard’ toward those with whom you work, that is, no matter how difficult the person or situation, you remain focused on, and respectful of, their contribution. At the same time, I value your strategic sense . . . the feel you have which is professional- instinctive for the temperature or politics of situations you facilitate, which gives rise to a shrewd sense of when to push, when to back off.”

Brian Babington

CEO, Families Australia
“Ann is a highly skilled facilitator who is intuitive, deeply listens and is incredibly good at knowing how the group is going and what is needed at exactly the right time.”

Claerwen Little

DIRECTOR, UnitingCare Children, Young People and Families
“I think that RPR Consulting achieved a great deal more than the planning process called for – the groups clearly came closer together to achieve shared aims, and in no small part this can be attributed to your intelligent, insightful and perceptive facilitation. Bravo!”

Ivan Trundle

Global Learning
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