Rich Conversations.
Strategic Directions.
Powerful Resolutions.

It can be enormously fulfilling to work closely with a group of people on a project you care deeply about. Sometimes, however, the very intensity of the relationships can get in the way. You may need a little help from someone who carries no baggage; someone who can inspire you and your colleagues to think in new ways. That’s where RPR can assist.

“You bring your experience, skills and ideas and mould these with the clients ideas to create an outcome that is owned by the client. You don’t do cookie cutting!” Archie Law, Chair, Sydney Peace Foundation

Founded in 1995, RPR is expert at assisting groups of people and organisations to have the high-quality discussion they need to get to the heart of issues and to unearth fresh and original solutions. Our consultants are experienced and skilful in problem solving, mediation, leadership, policy development and strategic planning.

Under the direction of Ann Porcino, RPR facilitates rich and fearless conversations about critical issues facing communities large and small. We are recognised across Australia and internationally for our effective work with a wide variety of people and organisations.
Ann Porcino

Ann Porcino

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